The InFI Edge

  • Access to Ready to deploy workforce just as described in job posting
  • Focused mentoring and coaching to fit into a role defined by the customer
  • Familiarity with Tools, Utilities and Methodologies used by the customer
  • HR Time is freed from recruitment and induction
  • Effective utilization of customer SMEs in professionalizing the new team.
  • Domain aware workforce from day one
  • Industry, business & customer orientation and induction
  • Professionalizing the work force; setting the expectations
  • Actual cost savings to the extent of 75% to ramp-up
  • ROI of 300% or more.

InFI confidently commits that the fresher coming out of Professionalization program is as good as 2 yrs experienced professional in the industry.

  • Creates 100% Job ready workforce
  • Guarantees Employability
  • Mentors against open positions at partner companies
  • Professionalization customized to employers requirement
  • Transforms the graduate to fit for a Role (job), earn it and excel in it
  • Provides multiple opportunities to choose from
  • Exposure to real job environment
  • Gain 2 yrs job experience in 4 to 6 months
  • Work with Industry experts to understand and prepare for a specific job
  • Learn Domain, Soft and Behavioral skills
  • Intensive Productive Professionalization
  • Be productive from day one, exceed employers expectation