InFI Corporate Programs

InFI, The Human Capital Development Company, develops/ provisions productive professionals for growing business segments in Indian industry.

InFI mentors fresh graduates & Professionals to fit into a specific role (job) and be productive from the moment they get deployed.

InFI guarantee productive work force which is professional, well versed with technology, domain, process and tools applicable to the role they play at your organization.

InFI Professional Development Programs are built around Technology, Domain and Role. Industry SMEs design the professional development program and delivers using effective coaching platform.

Entry Level Professionals – Guaranteed 2yrs equivalent experience.

  • Application Developers in Java or .NET (Program completed for 3I, ZANEC, LGS etc..)
  • Web2 Application Developers (Program Completed for ZANEC, LGS)
  • D2K Application Developers (Program Completed for 3I)
  • IT Infrastructure Support Engineers (Program completed for Origin, Techserve, LGS)
  • Finance and Accounts Executives for BPO Role (Program for Wipro)

Midlevel Managers

  • PMP Workshop
  • In Association with TenStep Inc USA MS Project
  • ITIL